Indie Focus: Interview With Self-Published Author K.S. Villoso

YOUR FUTURE FAVOURITE FILIPINA FANTASY AUTHOR! K.S. VILLOSO IS A FASCINATING WRITER ON A ONE WOMAN MISSION TO OUTDO BRANDON SANDERSON IN THE WORD COUNT STAKES   I'm so pleased to have dragged another victim interviewee into The Interrogation Room here on Another World; I don't get to do it nearly often enough. Today it's... Continue Reading →


Indie Focus: Spotlight On The Exercise Of Vital Powers By Ian Gregoire

AN #SPFBO 2017 PLUCKY ALSO-RAN YOUR INTRODUCTION TO THE SURPRISE PACKAGE ENTRY CLOSEST TO MY HEART...BECAUSE I WROTE IT   At this time of writing, close to half the original 300 entries for this year’s Self Published Fantasy Blog Off have been eliminated from the competition. So far, one of the ten judges has already... Continue Reading →

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