Indie Focus: Spotlight On The Exercise Of Vital Powers By Ian Gregoire

AN #SPFBO 2017 PLUCKY ALSO-RAN YOUR INTRODUCTION TO THE SURPRISE PACKAGE ENTRY CLOSEST TO MY HEART...BECAUSE I WROTE IT   At this time of writing, close to half the original 300 entries for this year’s Self Published Fantasy Blog Off have been eliminated from the competition. So far, one of the ten judges has already... Continue Reading →


Indie Focus: Spotlight On Faithless By Graham Austin-King

IS THIS THE EVENTUAL WINNER OF #SPFBO 2017? YOUR INTRODUCTION TO A POTENTIAL WINNER OF THIS YEAR'S SPFBO COMPETITION   It’s been approximately two months since this year’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off commenced, and it’s time to shine the spotlight on one of the early favourites to win the contest. Faithless is (for the time... Continue Reading →

Update: Changes Are Coming

ANOTHER WORLD'S UPCOMING CHANGES THE MONTH OF JUNE WILL HERALD A SHIFT IN FOCUS IN ADDITION TO SOME OTHER MINOR CHANGES     A new month is almost upon us, and there are some minor changes coming to the blog moving forward. The most significant of these changes is a new feature called Indie Focus.... Continue Reading →

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