Review: Master Of Crows By Grace Draven

A ROMANCE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN! EQUAL PARTS FANTASY AND ROMANCE THIS MUST READ TALE SKILLFULLY BLENDS EVERYTHING THAT'S GOOD ABOUT BOTH GENRES   Master Of Crows (Master Of Crows, Book 1) Grace Draven Genre: Fantasy Romance Publisher: Self-Published (Createspace) Format: Paperback, 392 Pages Date: 30th June 2014 (First Published 2009) ISBN-10: 1500369489 ISBN-13: 978-1500369484... Continue Reading →


Review: Dead Until Dark By Charlaine Harris

MAYBE HAVING A VAMPIRE FOR A BOYFRIEND ISN'T SUCH A BRIGHT IDEA... Thus begins the much beloved Southern Vampire Mysteries series, the brainchild of Charlaine Harris.   Dead Until Dark (The Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 1) Charlaine Harris Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Publisher: Gollancz Format: Paperback, 336 Pages Date: 20th October 2011 (First Published 2001)... Continue Reading →

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