Review: Prince Of Thorns By Mark Lawrence

The Thorns Taught Him A Lesson In Blood. A Precocious, Vengeful Prince Indulges In Wanton Atrocities In Pursuit Of Revenge And His Ambition To Claim The Throne.   Prince Of Thorns (The Broken Empire Trilogy, Book 1) Mark Lawrence Genre: High Fantasy Publisher: Harper Voyager Format: Paperback, 416 Pages Date: 12th April 2012 (First Published... Continue Reading →


Review: The Painted Man By Peter V. Brett

ENTER A WORLD WHERE DARKNESS BELONGS TO DEMONS IS HUMANITY'S LAST HOPE FOR SURVIVAL ONE BOY GUIDED BY ANCIENT TALES OF TAKING THE FIGHT TO DEMONKIND?   The Painted Man (The Demon Cycle, Book 1) Peter V. Brett Genre: High Fantasy Publisher: Harper Voyager Format: Paperback, 560 Pages Date: 31st January 2013 (First Published 2008)... Continue Reading →

Review: Sabriel By Garth Nix

SHE WALKS IN DEATH WITH SWORD AND BELLS WITH UNWAVERING DEVOTION TO HER FATHER, SABRIEL MUST RETURN TO THE LAND OF HER BIRTH TO CONFRONT AN AWAKENED EVIL   Sabriel (The Old Kingdom, Book 1) Garth Nix Genre: High Fantasy Publisher: HarperCollins Format: Paperback, 311 Pages Date: 3rd June 2014 (First Published 1995) ISBN-10: 0062315552... Continue Reading →

Review: The Gauntlet By Karen Chance

NOT WITHOUT HER DAUGHTER! BEING BOTH WITCH AND MOTHER WILL DRIVE GILLIAN URSWICK ON TO SAVE THE LIFE OF HER CHILD, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.   The Gauntlet (A Kit Marlow Short, Book 1) Karen Chance Genre: Historical Fantasy Publisher: Self-Published Format: eBook, 52 Pages Date: 12th October 2010 ISBN-13: 978-1458125934   This is... Continue Reading →

Indie Focus: Review Of Just Breathe By Sarah Doughty

URBAN FANTASY'S BEST KEPT SECRET! AN UNFORGETTABLE HEROINE MUST DISCOVER HERSELF IN ORDER TO CONQUER THE DEMONS OF HER PAST BEFORE IT DESTROYS HER   Just Breathe (Earthen Witch, Book 1) Sarah Doughty Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy Publisher: Self-Published Format: eBook, 409 Pages Date: 28th April 2015 ISBN-13: 978-1310871580   This is a perma-free... Continue Reading →

Review: Blood Price By Tanya Huff

NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE... A GREAT PROTAGONIST JUST ISN'T ENOUGH TO ELEVATE THIS RUN-OF-THE-MILL STORY TO GREAT HEIGHTS.   Blood Price (Vicki Nelson Series, Book 1) Tanya Huff Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Publisher: Orbit Format: Paperback, 336 Pages Date: 7th October 2004 (First Published 1991) ISBN-10: 1841493562 ISBN-13: 978-1841493565   Purchase From: Amazon |... Continue Reading →

Review: Undead And Unwed By MaryJanice Davidson

CHICK-LIT IN URBAN FANTASY CLOTHING! A HEROINE WHO MAKES SOOKIE SEEM DEEP. A TALE SO BAD IT'S GOOD ENOUGH TO BE A GUILTY PLEASURE.   Undead And Unwed (Queen Betsy Series, Book 1) MaryJanice Davidson Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Publisher: Piatkus Format: Paperback, 288 Pages Date: 2nd February 2006 (First Published 2004) ISBN-10: 0749936452 ISBN-13:... Continue Reading →

Review: Master Of Crows By Grace Draven

A ROMANCE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN! EQUAL PARTS FANTASY AND ROMANCE THIS MUST READ TALE SKILLFULLY BLENDS EVERYTHING THAT'S GOOD ABOUT BOTH GENRES   Master Of Crows (Master Of Crows, Book 1) Grace Draven Genre: Fantasy Romance Publisher: Self-Published (Createspace) Format: Paperback, 392 Pages Date: 30th June 2014 (First Published 2009) ISBN-10: 1500369489 ISBN-13: 978-1500369484... Continue Reading →

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