Review Policy

As of June 1st 2017 I will only be accepting requests to review self-published books. Indie authors are in more urgently need of worthwhile reviews than those who are traditionally published, which is why I want to prioritise their needs. But please note that I will remain open to reviewing books from small presses, at my discretion.

If you are an author looking to have your book reviewed here on Another World, please read the rest of the page carefully.



Another World is dedicated to fantasy and science fiction literature, so I’m open to receiving requests to review novels and novellas (minimum 25,000 words) within these genres. Due to time constraints I can only commit to reviewing one indie title per month, which means I have to be very selective about which books I will accept for review purposes. If you hope to secure a review, you are advised to make a concerted effort to persuade me that your book is a must read title I cannot afford to miss; with the proviso that the book in question is (or will be) readily available for purchase, in ebook format (and, ideally, also in print edition). This condition is non-negotiable.

* * * * *


If the title you want reviewed is not fantasy or science fiction I won’t consider it; nor will I accept requests to review short-stories, poetry, graphic novels/comics or audiobooks.

I also won’t accept requests for titles that are part of ongoing series that I haven’t read from the beginning. This means that if you want a review for the fourth book of a series, I cannot accommodate such a request if I have not read the previous titles.

* * * * *


Fantasy and Science Fiction encompasses a very wide spectrum of stories, but I am particularly interested in reading high fantasy, historical fantasy, alternate history, steampunk, urban fantasy, paranormal, time travel, cyberpunk, and apocalyptic or dystopian sci-fi, as well as horror titles that contain paranormal elements.

To a lesser extent I’m open to reading paranormal romance, but keep in mind that this reviewer is a forty-something male so I’ll only take a chance on books that can be regarded as being “male reader friendly”. The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward is the perfect example of what I’m referring to.

* * * * *


While I am not a big fan of the YA market, I’m not averse to reading titles that genuinely grab my interest. However, I refuse to read YA books that prominently feature love triangles; I’ve had enough of that trope for one lifetime.

* * * * *


To all indie authors, before submitting a review request, I think it’s only fair that I issue the following warning. Another World is not a beta reading service, nor is it an editing service. When I accept a request it is in the expectation that your book is finished and in a fit state to be published. If this proves not to be the case, and your book reads like an unedited early draft, my review will not be kind.

Self-publishing has a poor reputation, and much of the derision is justified. Far too many people are churning out unreadable drek that shouldn’t be published. Please don’t be one of those people.

* * * * *


If you believe that your book is one I’d be interested in reviewing, click the contact tab in the menu bar above, and fill out the contact form. Don’t forget to type Review Request in the subject field, and be sure to include the following information in your message: the title of the book, the name of the author, what genre(s) the book is, the name of the publisher (if applicable), a blurb or synopsis of what the book is about, the publication date, and if possible a link to the book’s Goodreads entry and Amazon page.

Also feel free to include any other information you feel maybe pertinent. For example, why you believe I would be interested in the book, or which other previously published titles are similar to the book you are submitting for review.

Before submitting a request, I’d like to respectfully remind people that emails are not SMS messages. In the event I receive requests composed like text messages, complete with absurd “text speak” normally reserved for smartphones, I will unceremoniously delete them. If you can’t be bothered to write complete and coherent sentences, I can’t be bothered to read your book.

It would also be nice if an effort was made to personalise the request. Messages that appear to be the product of generic templates, copied and pasted before being spammed to a hundred other book bloggers, will reduce the likelihood of the request being accepted.

I will endeavour to respond to all emails that adhere to these guidelines within 7 days. If I decline your request, don’t let it dissuade you from submitting other requests in future.

* * * * *


Once I have accepted a request I will be happy to receive an advanced copy of the title to review. At the present time I can only accept ebook editions in EPUB or MOBI format.

I will also confirm with you when you would like the review to be posted, if applicable, otherwise the review will be posted at my discretion; usually a week or two after I’ve finished reading the book. By default the review will appear on this blog and on Goodreads.

Please keep in mind that the receiving of an ARC copy doesn’t guarantee a review. I reserve the right not to post one, in the (unlikely) event I choose not to finish reading the whole book.

If you do indeed have a specific time frame in which you need the review to appear, the earlier you submit a review request, the better.

* * * * *


I make no promises that once I have read your book it will garner a glowing review. I am committed to giving honest and objective appraisals of every book I read, so my opinions cannot and will not be influenced in anyway.

In the event that I have not liked/enjoyed a book, any criticisms subsequently appearing in the review will always be constructive, and not malicious. I also try to keep in mind that just because I haven’t responded positively to a book, that doesn’t mean other readers won’t love it, so I generally attempt to identify and make mention of those aspects of the book that other readers might enjoy.

* * * * *


Another World is principally a review blog so I would prefer it if visitors came to the site for the reviews and not for freebies. However, I am prepared to participate in giveaways at my discretion; this will only be for books and/or authors I have a genuine interest in.

* * * * *


I am open to receiving invitations to participate in blog tours, with the following caveats; I will only accept invitations if I have a genuine interest in the book and/or author being promoted; and more importantly I would want to arrange and host exclusive content that will not appear on dozens of other book blogs.

With Regards,


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