Update: Normal Service Will Be Resumed


Oh you of little faith! I have returned, ready and eager to resume posting again.


First of all, I’d like to apologise for the longer than intended hiatus. I had planned on being back several weeks a go, but circumstances did not allow. While I have not been able to deal with all my personal issues, the time away has helped me regain my enthusiasm for reading, writing and working on this blog.

You can expect regular updates to resume this week; I might even have a new book review posted later today. So thank you for your patience, hopefully extended breaks will be a thing of the past.


With Regards,


Bringing to your attention the latest news in the world of fantasy and science fiction literature; plus site announcements and updates.

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Update: Time For A Brief Intermission


You might notice the complete lack of new posts in the coming weeks. But it will only be a temporary respite; I will be back soon.


Since the back-end of February, and throughout most of this month, real life matters have been getting on top of me. It has been to the extent where not only have I had so little time to post updates for the blog, but it has also been sapping my motivation to read and write, altogether. Consequently, I have decided that I need a break to deal with my personal issues, and to recharge my batteries. So, with immediate effect Another World will be on hiatus for the next four to six weeks, meaning there will be no new posts during April.

But do not fret. This is just a temporary measure; I fully intend to resume work on the blog in May. But until then, happy reading.


With Regards,


Bringing to your attention the latest news in the world of fantasy and science fiction literature; plus site announcements and updates.

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Tempus Fugit: Has It Really Been That Long?


So as I celebrate the first anniversary, I have to ask myself; where the hell did all the time go?


I logged in this morning, and as I was looking through some of the old posts I noticed that the one year anniversary of Another World was on Saturday, just gone. This was a pleasant surprise for me, as it’s pretty rare for me to remain committed to anything for that length of time. (But that’s a story for another day.) It doesn’t actually feel like it has been a whole year; the time has metaphorically flown by.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken an interest in this blog during the past twelve months; it is very much appreciated. I hope you will continue to visit Another World throughout its second year, which I intend to be bigger and better than the previous year.

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Announcement: Under The Shadow Blog Tour Schedule



With the start of the blog tour for Under The Shadow only a couple of days away, I just want to post the finalised tour schedule below, so that you may follow its progress over the next two weeks.



London Kickoff: Author Interview @ Another World
U.S. Kickoff: Author Spotlight, Part 1 @ The Bridge Of Deaths


Author Guest Blog @ The Howling Turtle


Book Excerpt @ Librarina


Book Review @ The Bitter Optimist


Book Review @ Tween Book Blog


Book Release!!! Launch Party!!!
You can join in all the fun by visiting BooksEndependent‘s official Facebook Page.


Author Spotlight, Part 2 @ 4Covert2Overt

Announcement: Upcoming Blog Tour For Under The Shadow


An exciting new voice in young adult science fiction is almost here.


I’m very pleased to announce that Another World in association with publisher, BooksEndependent, will be kicking off the upcoming blog tour for Under The Shadow: Children Of The First Star, Volume 1 by début author, J.M. Kay. The tour commences two weeks today, Monday September 22nd 2014, through to September 30th.

To mark this occasion, I am privileged to have secured an interview with the author, and for one lucky reader we will be giving away an autographed copy of the novel, plus a $10 Amazon gift card.

Look out for more details about this exciting new book in the coming days.

Update: Upcoming Book Reviews For September


I have been sitting on a number of reviews, which for one reason or another, I have not had the time to post this month. But don’t fret, with a new month almost upon us, here are some of the titles you can expect to see reviewed during September.


Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

  • Children’s classic, The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis in which the Pevensie siblings enter the magical land of Narnia for the first time.
  • Richard K. Morgan’s cult cyberpunk début novel, Altered Carbon; a noir murder mystery in a future where death has been made obsolete with the advent of technology that can transfer human consciousness into brand new bodies.
  • The genre bending Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff that seamlessly blends dystopia and steampunk with a Japanese aesthetic.
  • Maurice Broaddus’ unique urban fantasy re-telling of the Arthurian Legend, set in a contemporary inner city African-American neighbourhood, King Maker. A novel which can best be described as King Arthur meets The Wire.
  • The Minority Report, a short story from the late great Philip K. Dick.
  • Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover Book Cover

  • Also there’s Full Moon Rising by Australian author Keri Arthur; the first outing for the half-werewolf, half-vampire, urban fantasy heroine, Riley Jensen.
  • Trudi Canavan returns to the land of Kyralia with The Ambassador’s Mission, the first book of The Traitor Spy trilogy.
  • Another short-story from Philip K. Dick, this time, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale.
  • More shenanigans with Rachel Morgan in book two of the amazing Hollows series, The Good, The Bad, And The Undead, by Kim Harrison.
  • Also, my favourite instalment of The Chronicles Of Narnia, The Horse And His Boy.

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    News: The Book Smugglers Have Been Ruffling Feathers


    Check out the book review proving to be as divisive as the book being reviewed.

    Robert A. Heinlein and his works have always divided opinion, so it’s fitting that a review of one of his best, should do the same.


    On Wednesday, Ana and Thea of The Book Smugglers blog posted a joint review of Robert Heinlein’s Hugo Award winning science fiction novel, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. The review (which is rather critical) has caused a little bit of a stir, which is kind of appropriate considering that Heinlein is such a polarising author.

    I’m not going to comment for or against the review, as opinions by book reviewers should not be considered to be wrong or right. But if you’d like to read the review for yourself, the link is here.


    News: The Nominations For The Arthur C. Clarke Award


    The shortlist for Britain’s most prestigious sci-fi award has been revealed.

    Here are the six titles vying to be crowned the best novel of the year at the upcoming award ceremony, in May.


    The short list for the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award was announced earlier this week. The six nominated books were selected from a total of 112 eligible submissions from 42 publishers/imprints.


    The six nominations for the Best Science Fiction Novel of the year, are:

    God’s War by Kameron Hurley (Del Rey)
    Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie (Orbit)
    The Disestablishment Of Paradise by Phillip Mann (Gollancz)
    Nexus by Ramez Naam (Angry Robot)
    The Adjacent by Christopher Priest (Gollancz)
    The Machine by James Smythe (Blue Door)

    If you are wondering why you should care about this award, well, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. But the Arthur C. Clarke Award is regarded as one of the most prestigious accolades for Science Fiction literature in the UK.


    The annual award is presented for the best science fiction novel of the year, and selected from a shortlist of novels whose UK first edition was published in the previous calendar year.

    The Award was originally established by a generous grant from Sir Arthur C. Clarke with the aim of promoting science fiction, and is currently administered by the Serendip Foundation.

    The winner is judged by a jury panel and selected from an initial shortlist of six eligible novels. The panel of judges is made up of a voluntary body of distinguished writers, critics and fans with the panel line-up changing every year.

    Source: www.clarkeaward.com

    Update: Normal Service Will Be Resumed



    Hello fellow bookworms! Some of you may be wondering why this blog hasn’t been updated for a while. Well, somehow it had escaped my notice that it has been over a month since my last post; I didn’t realise it was quite that long. Why it has been so long isn’t really important, but let’s just say that real life concerns have a habit of encroaching upon my time.

    Anyway, normal service will now be resumed. I won’t allow the blog to go so long without any updates, so I’ll be posting regularly once more; starting with another book review which will be posted shortly.

    Thanks for reading.

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