News: Review Policy Has Been Updated

    It has recently come to my attention that my review policy needed to be updated. That has now been done, and there is good news for all you self-published Fantasy and Science Fiction authors out there. Be sure to click the Review Policy tab in the menu bar above if you're interested in... Continue Reading →


Update: Changes Are Coming

ANOTHER WORLD'S UPCOMING CHANGES THE MONTH OF JUNE WILL HERALD A SHIFT IN FOCUS IN ADDITION TO SOME OTHER MINOR CHANGES     A new month is almost upon us, and there are some minor changes coming to the blog moving forward. The most significant of these changes is a new feature called Indie Focus.... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Beginning

HAPPY NEW YEAR Here's hoping 2016 is a more productive year than 2015 proved to be.   It would be easy to assume that this blog has been abandoned due to the prolonged inactivity. But you'd be wrong in that assumption. Without going into detail last year was a nightmare for me personally and professionally.... Continue Reading →

Update: Time For A Brief Intermission

GOING ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE. You might notice the complete lack of new posts in the coming weeks. But it will only be a temporary respite; I will be back soon.   Since the back-end of February, and throughout most of this month, real life matters have been getting on top of me. It has been... Continue Reading →

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