The purpose of this book blog is very simple; to promote fantasy and science fiction literature, and those who write and publish it. This will be accomplished primarily through honest reviews, devoid of fanboyism or astroturfing; in addition to book quotes, trivia, news and interviews etc.

As of April 2014, it’s been decided to also include those sub-genres that are closely related to traditional fantasy and science fiction, namely, urban fantasy and paranormal romance. You can also expect to find the occasional horror related post. For those readers who aren’t fans of these sub-genres, be assured that traditional fantasy and science fiction will remain the focus of this blog.



As this is a book blog dedicated to fantasy and science fiction, it is safe to assume that it is aimed at bookworms with an interest in these genres. So readers who want to know about the latest Jackie Collins novel will be better served elsewhere.



At the time of writing, Another World has just one contributor; see below:

lonelyboy1977 (Founder/Editor)
My name is Ian, and if you would like to get to know me a little better, you can do so by visiting my personal blog.


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    1. Hi DeeAnn. You can contact me via email if you would like to arrange for a book to be reviewed.

      Please send the email to lonelyboy1977(at)gmx(dot)com with some details about the book you’d like to submit; title, author, genre, synopsis etc. and the time frame in which you require the review to be posted.

      With Regards,

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