Indie Focus: Spotlight On The Exercise Of Vital Powers By Ian Gregoire




At this time of writing, close to half the original 300 entries for this year’s Self Published Fantasy Blog Off have been eliminated from the competition. So far, one of the ten judges has already chosen a finalist from the 30 titles assigned to him, while eight of the other nine judges are currently whittling down there piles to a shortlist of semi-finalists from which they will chose their finalist.

Today I’ve decided it’s time to engage in some shameless self-promotion by doing a spotlight on my own SPFBO entry, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, which has surprisingly progressed to the semi-final stage. Sadly, it’s highly unlikely to make it to the final, nonetheless, I’m very proud of the impression that my debut also-ran has made during the contest, and I’m so grateful to be participating in this year’s competition alongside some very talented indie authors.

For the benefit of those of you who might be interested in reading my plucky novel, the ebook edition is currently available for free from Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords until the end of this month.



Some Lessons Must Be Learned The Hard Way

Since its inception, The Order has been dedicated to the prevention of the misuse and abuse of magic. For seven decades this mandate has guaranteed peace and stability throughout The Nine Kingdoms. But a potential threat to the peace has emerged, and its source is much closer to home than the leadership of The Order may realise.

Arrogant, manipulative, confrontational and angry. Undesirable qualities in a person at the best of times, but more so in a young woman born with the power to bring kingdoms to their knees. Kayden Jayta, precocious apprentice of The Order, is all these things and more, yet wholly unwilling to acknowledge and rectify her many troubling traits.

Unbeknown to anyone, Kayden’s resolute determination to join the ranks of The Order is born of a secret that puts her priorities at odds with the precepts of the organisation, setting her inexorably on a collision course with the most powerful institution in The Nine Kingdoms.

If Kayden is to be dissuaded from walking the path she has chosen, averting tragic consequences in the process, two unanswered questions must be answered: What is the dark secret guiding Kayden’s actions? And, why has a legendary figure within The Order, with a secret of her own, taken undue interest in Kayden’s future?



Book Cover


The reclusive Ian Gregoire is a taciturn introvert residing somewhere in London, where he was born and raised. Of all life’s diversions, reading and writing are the only ones he ever deemed worthwhile enough to be passionate about. This eventually led to his belated decision to pursue his true calling in life as a fantasy and science fiction author. His debut novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, is just the first of many books he intends to inflict upon an unsuspecting world.

On the occasions he steps out of his reading and writing comfort zone, Ian has a fondness for computing, melancholy music, retro gaming, and Asian Cinema. Ian also loves peace and quiet, something that is in frustratingly short supply in his life.


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So far, a small number of reviewers have bravely taken one for the team by reading and reviewing The Exercise Of Vital Powers so you don’t have to go into the story blind, unless you want to. The reaction has been gratifyingly positive, especially on the part of #SPFBO judge Kaitlin Gray who chose it as her first semi-finalist. You can watch her video review below, and read the reviews of other bloggers who have also enjoyed the book.


The Effervescent Bookworm (Reviewed by Angelica)
The Writing Process (Reviewed by Kim)
Kristen Reads Too Much (Reviewed by Kristen)
The Perspicacious Bookworm (Reviewed by Rachel)
Weatherwax Report (Reviewed by Brittany)

* * * * *

That concludes today’s indie book spotlight. If an interest in this title has now been sparked, The Exercise Of Vital Powers is available to buy from the links below. And another reminder that it’s currently free until the end of the month from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Amazon UK | Amazon US


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    1. Thanks Suzanne. I was definitely surprised when Kaitlin chose my book as her first semi-finalist, especially as it meant the elimination of The Heart Of Stone by Ben Galley which was one of the favourites to make the final from Kaitlin’s group.

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