Quote: A Wizard Of Earthsea, “And You Were Moved To Do This…”



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“… And you were moved to do this by pride and by hate. Is it any wonder the result was ruin?”

Ursula Le Guin
A Wizard Of Earthsea


A Wizard Of Earthsea is a book that probably requires little introduction, being the first book of the acclaimed Earthsea Cycle series by Ursula Le Guin. Given her calibre as a writer it’s unsurprising to note that Le Guin’s fantasy classic is very quotable. The above quote may not fully demonstrate what a way with words the author possesses, but it’s certainly quote-worthy.

I’m currently re-reading the book so I can post a review. With any luck it should be up before the end of the month.



Unforgettable quotes of fantasy and science fiction literature. The long and the brief; the funny and the serious; the whimsical and the dramatic.


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