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It’s time for another spotlight on one of the indie books competing in this year’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off that has caught my attention. The novel in question is The Heart Of Stone by British born independent author, Ben Galley. As someone who generally isn’t drawn to a book by its front cover, I have to say that the art work for Ben’s novel is certainly attention grabbing. I’m sure it has persuaded many a reader to add it to their TBR list.

Obviously, a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover, and speaking for myself, it is the premise of the story that has gained my interest, though it’s probably worth mentioning that Ben’s novel is in the same #SPFBO group as my own novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, so I also have a vested interest in checking out the competition.



Merciless. Murderer. Monster. He has been called many names in his time.

Built for war and nothing else, he has witnessed every shade of violence humans know, and he has wrought his own masterpieces with their colours. He cared once, perhaps, but far too long ago. He is bound to his task, dead to the chaos he wreaks for his masters.

Now, he has a new master to serve and a new war to endure. In the far reaches of the Realm, Hartlund tears itself in two over coin and crown. This time he will fight for a boy king and a general bent on victory.

Beneath it all he longs for change. For something to surprise him. For an end to this cycle of warfare.

Every fighter has a last fight. Even one made of stone.



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Ben Galley is an award-winning fantasy author living in Victoria, Canada. Ben has been writing since he was shown a paper and pencil, and by his early teens he had written three books. He has been writing and self-publishing fantasy novels since 2010

Ben’s love of fantasy comes from a childhood spent devouring the works of authors such as JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. That, combined with an interest in mythology, spawned a passion for creative writing that occupied most of his pre and early teenage years. By age 13, he’d written three books about anthropomorphised monkeys, which shall go forever unpublished, but were a good foundation of practice.

ImageAfter pursuing a career in the RAF (and bailing out after realising he was not cut out for military life), music distracted Ben until age 20, when he decided to turn back to that early dream of being a professional author, and being paid to make up stories. After 18 months of writing, working jobs in bars, restaurants and a pasty kiosk, he had a debut book – The Written – and was ready to publish. Choosing to self-publish from the moment he googled “publishing a book”, Ben realised he could apply his knowledge of the music industry and being an independent artist into working as an independent author.

In 2010, The Written was published in paperback, and shortly after, in eBook. Almost 8 years on, and Ben has 11 books published, including a crowd-funded graphic novel, and 7 fantasy novels to his name. He’s about to launch his eighth – The Heart of Stone. In 2016, his 5th novel – weird western Bloodrush – was the bloggers’ favourite of Mark Lawrence’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off, and also won the Library Journal’s Indie eBook of the Year award for Fantasy.

When he isn’t being an author or a mischief to the local populace, Ben is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer on the subject of self-publishing. He’s incredibly zealous about helping other authors and writers, and currently offers 1:1 sessions to indie authors at his site Shelf Help.

Aside from writing and lecturing, Ben dabbles in music, photography, gaming, cinophiling, and he apparently owns an acre of the moon. Originally from the UK, he has now emigrated to Victoria in British Columbia, where he’s thoroughly loving life.

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There are several reviews for The Heart Of Stone around the blogosphere, and below is a small selection for you to peruse if you would like to know what other readers think about the book.

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That concludes today’s indie book spotlight. If The Heart Of Stone sounds like it might be right up your alley, it is available now to buy in eBook and paperback editions. You can order your copy today from the links below.

Amazon | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo


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