Quote: The Lies Of Locke Lamora, “We’re A Different Sort Of Thief…”



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“We’re a different sort of thief here, Lamora. Deception and misdirection are our tools. We don’t believe in hard work when a false face and a good line of bullshit can do so much more.”


Frequently described as Oliver Twist meets Oceans Eleven, The Lies Of Locke Lamora is the critically acclaimed first book of Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard series. It’s an inventive tale with great characterisation and world building. It’s well worth a read if you can look past the fact that the protagonists are unrepentant criminal scumbags.

You can read the review of the book, posted last month here.



Unforgettable quotes of fantasy and science fiction literature. The long and the brief; the funny and the serious; the whimsical and the dramatic.


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