Update: Changes Are Coming





A new month is almost upon us, and there are some minor changes coming to the blog moving forward. The most significant of these changes is a new feature called Indie Focus. As the name suggests, this feature will bring about a deliberate and concerted effort to highlight more self-published books and authors. This decision has been prompted, in large part, by my recent foray into self-publishing, giving me an appreciation of how difficult it can be for independent authors to gain visibility for their work, and find people willing to review their books. As a result, I intend to do my part to redress this situation by spotlighting more self-published fantasy and science fiction titles, securing interviews with independent authors, and (more importantly) increasing the quantity of self-published book reviews. The review policy link will be updated in the coming days to reflect this change in focus.

Another upcoming change is part of a goal to increase reader participation. For various reasons many users don’t necessarily like to write a comment in the reply box after reading a post; some because they don’t know what to say or how to say it, others because they don’t have time to comment, while others simply don’t want to. In an effort to see if there is an alternative way to encourage increased engagement, I’ve decided to experiment with reader polls. The one potential advantage of running a poll is that it requires little effort to provide feedback; all you have to do is click a multiple choice option to give an opinion. I’ll be doing a few polls in the coming weeks to see how that goes, so keep an eye out for those.

In addition to the above, expect a gradual increase in the number of trivia posts and opinion pieces. Having checked the site stats it was a surprise to discover that they are more popular than I realised. And of course there will be the usual smattering of book reviews of traditionally published titles, and book quotes, too.

The most immediate change you should be aware of (that is in effect right now) is that Another World is an official Amazon and Book Depository affiliate. This means that if you click a purchase link on this blog to buy a book from either Amazon or Book Depository, a percentage of the sale will head my way.

Before concluding this update, I’d like to make the following request: If you should read a post on this blog that you like, please share the link to that post on social media. An examination of the site stats has revealed that views for posts increase drastically when shared on social media, especially Facebook.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading.



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