Quotable: Nylon Angel, “…I’m Not Planning On Dying Yet.”


Proof positive that even an average novel is capable of providing a memorable quote.


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“All right, Mei. But I’m not planning on dying yet. So don’t get any ideas about helping things along. Or you might find yourself closer to the spirits than you figured.”

Marianne De Pierres
Nylon Angel


Cyberpunk novel, Nylon Angel, is the first book of three in the Parrish Plessis series, by Australian science fiction author Marianne De Pierres. The book was originally published in 2004. The quote above comes courtesy of the story’s kick-ass heroine, Parrish Plessis.

This was one of the first books I reviewed when I started this blog back in 2013. You can read the review for yourself here, but I can warn you now that it isn’t a particularly good read. My review is not great either, for that matter.



Dedicated to the unforgettable quotes of fantasy and science fiction literature. Whether long or brief; funny or serious; whimsical or dramatic. May they provide incentive to discover the originating books.


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