Quotable: Hyperion, “…Human Beings. Go Figure.”


An amusing quote without a single reference to poet, John Keats.


Book Cover _ Book Cover _ Book Cover _ Book Cover

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“Look,” said Tyrena. “In twentieth-century Old Earth, a fast food chain took dead cow meat, fried it in grease, added carcinogens, wrapped it in petroleum-based foam, and sold nine hundred billion units. Human beings. Go figure.”

Dan Simmons


I am currently reading Dan Simmons‘ highly regarded novel, and while it may not always be the most engaging book, it is unquestionably an intriguing one. There is no doubting its originality or how well written it is. I can certainly see why it won the Hugo Award For Best Novel..



Dedicated to the unforgettable quotes of fantasy and science fiction literature. Whether long or brief; funny or serious; whimsical or dramatic. May they provide incentive to discover the originating books.


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