New Year, New Beginning


Here’s hoping 2016 is a more productive year than 2015 proved to be.


It would be easy to assume that this blog has been abandoned due to the prolonged inactivity. But you’d be wrong in that assumption.

Without going into detail last year was a nightmare for me personally and professionally. The second half of the year in particular was especially bad with a couple of members of my family significantly derailing my life. This basically resulted in me having no time to keep the blog updated. While I’m not out of the woods yet, I am taking steps to ensure that there is no repeat of 2015’s inactivity during 2016.

Now that I have discovered and worked out WordPress’ scheduling feature, I can make sure the site is regularly updated even if I’m prevented from getting online and logging in by circumstances outside my control.


With Regards,


Bringing to your attention the latest news in the world of fantasy and science fiction literature; plus site announcements and updates.

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