Update: Time For A Brief Intermission


You might notice the complete lack of new posts in the coming weeks. But it will only be a temporary respite; I will be back soon.


Since the back-end of February, and throughout most of this month, real life matters have been getting on top of me. It has been to the extent where not only have I had so little time to post updates for the blog, but it has also been sapping my motivation to read and write, altogether. Consequently, I have decided that I need a break to deal with my personal issues, and to recharge my batteries. So, with immediate effect Another World will be on hiatus for the next four to six weeks, meaning there will be no new posts during April.

But do not fret. This is just a temporary measure; I fully intend to resume work on the blog in May. But until then, happy reading.


With Regards,


Bringing to your attention the latest news in the world of fantasy and science fiction literature; plus site announcements and updates.

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